Berthoud Rusticates- 2018 Calendar on Sale Now!

Berthoud Rusticates In the 1890s residents of the Berthoud community residents referred to their pleasure trips to the mountains as “rusticating.” For some, the cool mountain air soothed the ravages of consumption but for others mountain landscapes offered opportunities for hunting, fishing, camping, picnicking, and often times courtship.

While the Berthoud Historical Society has a small number of images in its collection that show local residents going to the mountains on horseback and in buggies and wagons, the majority of its images are linked to automobiles and the Brownie cameras that made it possible for Berthoudites to chronicle their modes of rustication. The rustic settings captured in this calendar range from nearby Estes Park and Big Thompson Canyon to North and Middle parks and in one case, Yellowstone. Nearly every image reveals the enjoyment that Berthoud area residents have always taken from the outdoors.

The Berthoud Historical Society extends its appreciation especially to Greg Ludlow and Joyce Chaput who donated and loaned family photo albums from which many of this year’s calendar photographs originated. Images attributed to Sid and Emma Davis and the F.P. Haworth family are their contributions. We also thank the individuals and local Berthoud businesses that sponsored calendar pages and offered dedications to make this annual calendar project possible.

With great pleasure the Berthoud Historical Society presents Berthoud Rusticates. It is our desire that this calendar, in part, fulfills our mission to discover, preserve and interpret the history of Berthoud, the Little Thompson Valley, Colorado, and the surrounding region. Please enjoy!

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