A House Filled with Historic Original Contents

Many items on display in the Historic McCarty-Fickel Home date to 1916 when Dr. and Mrs. McCarty built the house at a cost of $10,000. Furnishings purchased from Denver department stores including the Daniels & Fisher company are among the highlights of the home.

The McCarty family gathered together to eat evening meals in the home’s elegant dining room that featured a handsome oak sideboard. “Hired girl” Miss Fannie Palmer generally joined them for dinner.

A doctor’s cabinet used by Dr. Helen McCarty has been returned to the room where she examined patients. The shipping crate in which the cabinet was originally packed was discovered in the home’s basement.

Family photos and souvenirs adorn a bookcase filled with books used by members of the McCarty family. The bookcase is located on a second floor landing that was also used as a study by “Doctor Helen” while she practiced medicine from an office in the home during the 1930s and ‘40s.

A sewing machine used by Mrs. Jennie McCarty is one of many original items in the home that was associated with the family’s domestic life.