Forging our Foundation – Our Fund Raising Campaign to Achieve Operational Stability


Support the Pioneer Heritage Gala – Buy a Pioneer Courtyard Paver or Feature – Consider an extra donation with your membership renewal… It is evident to you now that we are aggressively pursuing the goals we have set for our new fund raising campaign, Forging Our Foundation.  But do you know “why?” and how all of the activities fit together?  BHS now owns our museum buildings and therefore the costs to keep them open, pays our staff salaries and funds our programs and projects, are all supported by membership fees and donations. 

Build an Endowment

We believe that to be fiscally responsible we need to build our interest-bearing endowment to $500,000 in order to receive a perpetual $30,000 to $50,000 per year (depending on the stock market).  Our endowment started at $40,000 at the beginning of the Campaign last fall and is already eclipsing $70,000 to date.  We have asked and you are responding – Thank you! 

Saving for the Future

We also need to have a cash fund backup (target of $100,000) to cover years when the market is down and to cover large maintenance expenditures such as the new roof that the Bimson building needs.  The Gala, Pioneer Courtyard and other donations are our primary means to achieve our goals.  The Pioneer Courtyard pavers and features, if sponsored in full, would get us to one half of our total fund raising goal, so join the excitement and be a part of our Society’s success!