Photos Reveal McCartys’ Berthoud Heritage

In the spring of 1899 Dr. D.W. McCarty (standing on right) moved his practice from his drugstore on Third street to a 16×24-foot office building at 338 Massachusetts Ave. that Berthoud builder S.F. Curtis constructed at a cost of $1,000.

Before brothers Floyd and Elmer Clymer attempted a cross-country drive to Spokane in 1910, they posed for photographers in front of the Foresman & McCarty Drugstore located on Third Street in Berthoud.

Children weave around a May pole located in front of the Berthoud School , c. 1917. Helen McCarty (front foreground) turned to face the photographer.

Mrs. Jennie McCarty was a faithful member of Berthoud’s Red Cross Auxiliary during World War I. In 1917-18 she was among the leaders of a sewing group that met in the Masonic Hall to make clothing and first aid supplies for the nation’s servicemen.