Pioneer Courtyard Brings Past to Present

The museum’s “backyard” is home to the Berthoud Historical Society’s trademark windmill, the Bimson barn, Meadow Hollow country school, and the Meining Cabin. A full-size and operable replica of banker John Bunyan’s astronomical observatory completes the roster of buildings on the site.

Charles Meining constructed his homestead using materials found in the area back in 1874. The project of getting this homestead cabin incorporated into the LTVPM began 20 years ago when Gary and Julie Moon moved onto Meining’s former property. They started a remodeling project and discovered the cabin lying underneath siding and drywall. In order to preserve this cabin and make it accessible to the public, The Moons donated the cabin, and the historical society undertook moving the cabin to the grounds of the museum.

It was restored with much help of the community and BHS volunteers and opened as part of the museum on May 12, 2012.

The Meadow Hollow School is furnished in the fashion of a one-room country school of the early 1900s. The building serves as an exhibit when not being used for a summer history day camp.

John Bunyan’s original telescope may be viewed in a small frame building that was built to replicate the banker’s 1930s’ observatory. A hand-cranked, roll-away roof is an unusual feature that may be seen in operation the first Friday evening of each month when the observatory is opened for public stargazing.