Floyd Clymer – Berthoud’s Kid Auto Agent

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Fascinating History of Berthoud, Colorado

In 1907 Motor Field magazine proclaimed Berthoud’s Floyd Clymer as the “youngest automobile agent in the United States and that means the world.” The 11-year-old Clymer embellished the claim by noting he had “Teddy Roosevelt’s assurance” he was the youngest agent in the business.

While in Berthoud, Colorado, young Clymer sold more than two dozen vehicles, traveling by train with his clients to Denver where they purchased an auto and were taught to drive on the 50-mile journey back to Berthoud.

Author Mark French uncovers Floyd Clymer’s years in Berthoud (1899 to 1910) by pairing Clymer’s published first-person recollections of his activities from several volumes of his historical Motor Scrapbook with local newspaper articles. The “Kid Agent” comes to life through visits to early automobile shows, observations of the 1908 New York to Paris Race automobile race, viewing of the first air flight over Colorado, and his attempt at a nationally publicized cross-country drive from Denver to Spokane in a Flanders “20.”


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