The Berthoud School building sat in the center of present-day Fickel Park from 1897 until 1963. The stone arch over the school’s east doorway was salvaged when the building was razed. It was re-erected at the intersection of the park’s pathways to mark the school site.

The school building was constructed in two phases. An article published in the Berthoud Bulletin on October 21, 1937, noted: “In 1897 the east half of the present grade school building was finished. There were two rooms below and two above. There were only three teachers for ten grades. The first three grades were in one room, the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh in another and the eighth, ninth and tenth in the third. In the middle part of the year a part-time teacher was hired to help bear the classes of the four, fifth, sixth and seventh grades. The next year four full-time employees were employed.”

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In 1921 a new junior-senior high school building was constructed at the northwest corner of 9th Street and Massachusetts Avenue (site of present-day Turner Middle School). After 7th through 12th grade students moved to the new school, the school building that once sat in the center of present-day Fickel Park became Berthoud’s elementary school (1st through 6th grades).

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