Baseball was the first organized sport to be played in Berthoud. In May 1883 when the town was still located at its original site on the Little Thompson river bottom, the Loveland newspaper reported, “The Berthoud Hawks and the Union Buzzards played a game of base ball (originally spelled as two words) last Saturday. It resulted in a victory for the latter by a score of 7 to 2.”

In the following years Berthoud’s baseball team seldom maintained a name for more than a season with the Blues, Rough and Ready, Rounders, Grays, Liners, All-Browns, Eagles and Boosters being among those names.

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The photograph that accompanies this article, quite possibly of the team that beat the Fort Collins nine, included in the back row: Beverly Turner, George Keirnes, George Graham, Frank Fenton, Josh Barr, Middle row: Fred Richardson, Jasper Pulliam, Bill Turner, Elmer Kee, Front row: Bill Fenton, Amos Mahan, Bob Richards.

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