Ivy Stockwell was a teacher in Berthoud’s schools longer than anyone before her. She was a graduate of Berthoud High School (Class of 1912) who later taught at the Whipple country school (1912-1914), the Old Berthoud country school (1915-1918), and Berthoud elementary school (1919-1963). After retiring she served as a substitute teacher from 1964 to 1972. All told, Ivy Stockwell taught in Berthoud schools from 1912 to 1972.

Ivy Stockwell was born at the family ranch northeast of Berthoud on October 7, 1892. Her mother, Fannie, and younger brother, Milburn, passed away in 1898. For a time Ivy and her sisters were raised by their father Elijah. When Mr. Stockwell died in 1903, he was building a house at 906 4th Street in Berthoud. After her father’s death, Ivy and her sister Mollie were raised by older sister Myrtle.

After graduating from Berthoud High School in a class of nine students in 1912, Ivy Stockwell passed the state teacher’s examination and secured a position as teacher of the primary department at the Whipple country school two miles east of Berthoud. She also taught at the Old Berthoud country school before beginning a long teaching career at the “town school” in Berthoud.
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In the midst of her teaching career she attended Colorado State Teachers College in Greeley and New Mexico Highlands University in Las Vegas, New Mexico, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in 1942.

When a second elementary school was constructed in Berthoud at 175 5th Street in 1975, it was named Ivy Stockwell Elementary School. Miss Stockwell passed away July 13, 1980.

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