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Since the beginning of settlement in the Little Thompson Valley Berthoud has been moving on wheels. Although no photograph exists to chronicle the event, the relocation of Berthoud from the river bottom to its present-day site was accomplished by movers who jacked up buildings, loaded them on wheels, and towed them to the new town. The original Berthoud settlement had to be moved because the wheels of the Colorado Central’s locomotives couldn’t gain adequate traction when they labored uphill from the river bottom.
Since that time almost everything in the community has moved on wheels from the trains that rumbled through the valley to the horse-drawn wagons, and gasoline-powered trucks, tractors and automobiles that have transported virtually everything.
Berthoud Rolls! is a collection of photographs that demonstrate the community’s reliance on wheels. The Berthoud Historical Society invites you to enjoy these images that show how Berthoud rolls!

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