Earthwork is underway on the old Vollmert Place to prepare the farm for a residential subdivision. Located southeast of the intersection of Larimer County Road 17 and Spartan Avenue, this large parcel of land drops south over the crest of the hill and extends down to Dry Creek. Berthoud residents will recall that until recently greenhouses for growing flowers occupied part of this site.

When H.C. Vollmert purchased this farm in November 1927, he displaced a tenant farmer named A.R. Foley. Before moving to Denver, Foley employed the Loveland auctioneering firm of Hayes & Warnock to dispose of his personal property.

Foley’s lengthy auction bill listed seven head of horses in addition to three teams of matched black, brown and bay gelding draft horses. Foley also offered four milk cows, 86 spotted Poland-China hogs, “7 sows with litters six-weeks old, 3 sows bred to farrow in December, 1 boar, 34 shoats, average weight 140 pounds,”  as well as 20 dozen White Leghorn chickens.
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Foley’s machinery and “miscellaneous” included a wagon and hay rack, wagon with grain box, Dempster hay stacker and bull rake, mower, Deering binder, sulky plow, walking plow, harrow, disc grain drill, three sets good work harness, 50 sacks of potatoes, 100 bushels of barley, eight chicken crates, 500-chick brooder, pool table, two oil barrels, other farm tools, and Ford sedan.

The photograph shows Vollmert, beet fork in hand, standing beside a truck laden with sugar beets. The “546A” marked in chalk on the truck bed was to identify Vollmert when he dumped his beets at the receiving station (beet dump) at the north end of Berthoud.

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